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Orthopedic Surgery

You live an active lifestyle. When an injury keeps you from doing what you love, you'll do whatever it takes to get back in action. At Cornerstone Orthopaedics , we are equally dedicated to our patient's physical emotional and spiritual health. Our physicians at Cornerstone Orthopaedics are highly trained specialists in the field of Orthopaedics Surgery.  Our staff is focused on making your visit with us a pleasant experience through quick and courteous service.

Physical Therapy

At Synapse Physical Therapy, we care about your return to your everyday activities pain free! At Synapse we use the best equipment along with the best therapists to diagnose your condition. Whether you need to rehabilitate from a surgical procedure, bounce back from a fall resulting in sprains or breaks, or need an evaluation from a recent injury, we can help you. We believe in what's best for you and your prompt return to a healthy lifestyle. You can trust that Synapse Physical Therapy will take care of you. 


Sports Massage


We understand athletes! Weekend warriors to professional athletes can expect our massage therapists to provide more than a typical Sports Massage. Our massage therapists and medical practitioners will always assess your symptoms and design a session best suited to your current needs. We always educate you about the causes of the injury, assess your postural imbalances to avoid future injury and include stretches, exercises and awareness to prevent future injuries. We’ve helped professional athletes & teams since 1999.

sports medicine

Sports Psychology


The success of athletes, business leaders, and teams is not only reliant on doing their job well, but having the tools to manage their psyche and overall attitude. Realizing potential and given the tools to reach success is what Performance Excellence & Recovery Consulting (PERC) can do for you. We help mold and create winners. We nurture individuals so they can achieve their highest potential, and be the success stories they have always envisioned themselves to be. We have worked with many people who have struggled to realize their full possibility. After several sessions of working them, they have rediscovered themselves and relied on their strengths to be the best version of themselves.

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