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Junior Counselor's Leadership Camp


11-14 year-olds can partake in this program to help our summer counselors and develop a sense of community and leadership. 


Junior Counselor's Expectations


Impact's Junior Counselor Program is designed for pre teens (11-14 yrs) to develop leadership skills in a unique and active learning environment.  Each junior counselor will lead a group of campers through daily activities and learn important skills that will help shape the future leaders in our communities.  

 Assigned to a counselor/group to assist in


- Plan activities

- Transitioning from one space to another 

- Serving lunch to campers 

- Checking campers in and out 


Expected to be on time, check in at 8 am 


- Learn about leadership and effective best practices

- Discuss goal setting, positive decision making, conflict resolution, time management, etc.

- Following "YELL" (Youth Engaged in Learning Leadership) curriculum


All participants are expected to show up on time, with a good attitude, ready to learn, help, and have fun. They will be awarded with a pizza party every Friday. 


Sign up for weekly registration: 

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