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Personal Training

Here at Impact we seek to continually provide athletes, adults, and teens with the opportunity to never stop getting better. With the unfortunate circumstances in today's world we have to take a dynamic approach to keeping our athletes healthy and strong. When this pandemic passes, our members will be sure to be stronger than ever!


Our amazing staff of trainers has a diverse background in different training methods, education, and experience that allow you to sample from many different training styles. 

Daniel Kubistek

Daniel has been working at Impact for 4 years and has been working exclusively with the Rough Rider & Boulder Hockey teams. He has experience in online programming at all levels of sports. He is available for offsite speed/strength training, email him for availability and locations.

Abby Maroko

Abby brings a holistic approach to fitness by blending together the yang elements of high-intensity strength and conditioning with the yin elements of breath work, mobility, myofascial release, and meditation. Her approach begins with building  functional movement patterns, and generating forward momentum with small internal and external wins so that you can advance to your higher goals. Abby has a deep knowledge on the psychology of motivation--what makes you tick, and a knack for working with individuals to solidify consistency--what makes your habits stick. Her coaching--offered in-person and online, spans the layers of: movement, mindset, nutrition, spirituality, and connection.  

Carissa Crutchfield

Carissa is from a small town in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  Carissa played many different sports in highschool including softball, track, and golf. However, basketball gave her the chance to play on the collegiate and professional level. Carissa played Division I basketball at Oklahoma State University before transferring to University of Arizona where she graduated and finished out her collegiate career. She then took the opportunity to play professionally in Russia, Turkey, Israel, Spain, and Portugal. She loved traveling around the world doing something she had a passion and drive for; and gained even more knowledge from the diversity of people around the world,  different styles and techniques of training.

Spencer Gooding

Spencer has been a mainstay at Impact Sports working with anyone and everyone. He has worked with all sports including hockey, wrestling, rugby, figure skating, to name a few. Spencer has years of experience doing online programming for clients as well nutrition tracking for them as well.

Taylor McQueen

Taylor started an internship with Impact Sports in 2017. In mid-2017, she was put on staff as a Sports Performance Coach at Impact, training all ages from youth to elite and across all sports. Taylor has an eye for distinguishing what every individual athlete specifically needs to improve in the weightroom and on the field. Try a free consult with her  and she will show you how you or your athlete can improve their power, then watch it translate to game day. In early 2019, Taylor made the venture into Personal Training. Her training emphasizes creating a solid foundation in exercise from and basic mechanics of the human body. She believes every person needs to understand what it feels like to move properly to prevent acute and chronic injury. Try a free consult with her and she will evaluate your mechanics, make exercise challenging, yet fun, and enhance your quality of life.

Tim Atwood

Tim completed his internship with Impact in the Fall of 2013 and has been training athletes ever since. He has a passion for working with athletes in plyometrics, speed, and agility, helping them to increase vertical and quickness on the basketball and volleyball court. As a coach he believes that being strong will help to produce power, so basic fundamental strength patterns are a must in youth sports. Working with athletes that jump and land constantly he also focuses on injury prevention in the lower extremities. Tim has also found an interest in cardiac rehabilitation while working with adult clients post heart attack. Outside of training Tim enjoys time with his family, girlfriend, friends, and american bulldog.

Kari Mullen

Kari has been personal and small group training for 6 years and is currently an owner and director at Impact Fitness. It is Kari’s mission to help clients  gain strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance so they are ready and able to compete, play, parent and keep up with life's busy schedules. 

Travis Agagah

Travis graduated from Hastings College in 2018, where he later went on to complete his Masters Degree. After finishing his football career, he spent two years as a graduate assistant human performance coach, where he wa​s the head performance coach for Women’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer, Bowling, and assisted with the Football team. Travis also assumed the roles of Director of Lifetime Sports, and Branding/Clothing Manager for the Human Performance Department. He was also an assistant personal trainer for the Hastings College Great Day Guru Program, which is a one on one personal training program for non-student athletes at the college. When not in the weight room, Agagah has served as a teaching assistant and instructor for basic and advanced strength and conditioning classes​ ​under the human performance program.   Travis specializes in sports performance and youth & adult fitness. The goal for Travis is to help individuals and teams become the best versions of themselves and progress to a better and healthier lifestyle.

Kelly Mcelhiney

Kelly had the pleasure of developing her  sport training background in Division 1 weight rooms at Iowa State University and the University of Colorado-Boulder. There she was able to work with all athletic teams, trainers, and coaches as well as learned the requirements of what it takes to be a next level athlete. Her specialties include: mobility and flexibility training, recalibrated movements, general strength training, sport strength and speed training, and sport conditioning. 




What I like about training at Impact with Kari is that she pushes me to do things I would never be motivated to do on my own.  The workouts are social and fun and challenge me past the point of what I thought I could do.  Over the last three years I've seen my strength, balance and agility grow so that I can do the things that I couldn't before: I can put the 50 pound bike rack on the car by myself, and I can ride eighty miles.  I can ski for a full day and not be sore the next day.  When I lose my footing, I catch myself without injury.   Best of all I can keep twirling my growing daughters up high in the air.  Thanks, Impact!

— Christina, Training Client

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