Adult Fitness and CrossFit at Impact Sports Performance includes a wide variety of programs and memberships. Programs include but are not limited to: CrossFit, Boxing, Yoga/Barre, Strength, Tread and Shred, Boot Camp, Mobility, TRX, HIIT, and Indoor Cycling. 

Rates* **: 

Intro Offer - 7 days of unlimited access - $25 (local potential new members only)***

  • Drop in - $25

  • 4 semi private sessions per month - $79/month

  • 8 semi private sessions per month - $129/month

  • Unlimited sessions per month - $159/month 

*all memberships include unlimited open gym access
**no contracts, no start up fees, cancel anytime before next auto billing

***Intro Offer purchase can be used as a credit toward membership


Spencer Goodding, CSCS


- Individualized, precision coaching, 

tailored to YOUR goals

- Highly qualified staff with diverse training background

- Flexible pricing and scheduling



- Small Group Sessions (2-3 people)

- Specialized coaching

- Cleaning practices in place

- Same variety of classes that you're used to!

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Can't make it to a semi-private training session? No worries! Follow along with our LIVE workouts on our Impact Fitness Facebook Group. 

New Classes & Trainings 



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functional physique

Build up core strength while balancing a healthy physique. Learn new techniques in hypertrophy & strength training from qualified pro bodybuilders that translate to useful fitness tools! Perfect for any exercise level, no matter where you may be at in exercise journey.



HATHA YOGA- a slowed-down pace so there is time to explore individual postures and transitions. Newer students find this builds confidence and familiarity, while more experienced students refine the fundamentals of alignment and dive into deeper focus.


VINYASA - commonly referred to as “flow” yoga. This faster-paced class strings postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath.

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