Improve speed, agility, explosiveness, core strength and more within a team environment. We create sport specific programs that will increase your play on the field while building that team camaraderie. 

Training with your team is one of the most effective ways to train. Not only will you soar to new heights individually, but the team will improve as a whole. When your team is dedicated to increasing its speed, power, agility and explosiveness you'll see the benefits in the upcoming season. 

Custom Athletic Training For Your Team
We know that each sport and each team requires specific training styles and techniques. No two sports, or teams, for that matter, should train exactly the same. Whether its general fitness training or specific agility training program, our team training model is designed for optimal results.

We continually evaluate you and your team's needs
We not only measure success in seeing your times decrease and your strength, power and flexibility increase, but more importantly we engineer our programs to give you game time results. You require and deserve a program that delivers functional and applicable strength, speed and power that carries over into your game. That's the ultimate goal.

Let us help you bring your team to the next level. 

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Impact Sports Performance 

One Superior Drive Unit B
Superior, CO 80027

Hours of Operation                      
MON – FRI:  5:00 am  –  9:00 pm

​SAT & SUN:  7:00 am  –  7:00 pm

Phone Number: (303) 467 - 2288