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Holistic Health Coaching, Made For You.

Feel confident, vibrant, healthy, and free when working with the Impact Fuel team and process.

Our health coaches will provide you with:

+ Expert nutritional guidance

+ Impeccable, lovingly-tough accountability

+ Practices for mental equilibrium and resiliency

+ Piercing questions to reveal unhealthy habits and opportunities for positive change

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Kristen Stensland


Kristen Stensland is a certified personal trainer and holistic nutrition coach.
She specializes in fitness and sports nutrition as well as weight
management. Kristen takes a positive approach to her training by
encouraging, inspiring, and motivating her clients to achieve their health
goals. She provides supportive accountability and helps her clients develop
strategies to overcome obstacles and challenges along the way. She takes
a unique and tailored approach to her coaching because she is all about
bio-individuality! She is ready to help her clients achieve a lifetime of health
and wellness that works for them!