Keeep Calm and Train On

1HANDS Wash them often

2ELBOW Cough into it

3FACE Don't touch it

4FEET Stay more than 3ft apart

5FEEL sick? Stay home

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Hi Impact,


This has been a pretty intense time, eh? There seems to be a constant “push” of polarized views of how impactful COVID-19 really is, debates over whether existing closures of institutions and events are warranted, and infographics that are supposed to make it easier to understand what we are all supposed to be doing right now, but don’t. Regardless of where you stand, I imagine each of us can connect with some level of fear of how this will impact ourselves, our families and friends, and the world.


The Impact staff and I have been reading, researching and talking to those, who as part of their professional work, are briefed on COVID-19 and its likely impacts. Right now, service industries are not being asked to close, and instead, take steps to minimize transmission of illness. So, in short, we aren’t closing yet.  We are going to remain open and go further than the WHO suggestion of keeping a 3 foot radius from people who are showing signs and symptoms. There is also a suggestion that no more than 250 people gather at one time. There is a further suggestion of no more than 20 people in a small room. 


Fortunately, we have the luxury of space. Given the available workout area, our usable square footage is 5400. Divide that by the WHO guideline of 36 square feet, we could have 150 people in the Impact gym and be compliant with WHO guidelines. We are going to be extra cautious, and beginning Monday, we will limit class sizes to 10 people, except Boot Camps that use larger spaces, those classes will be limited to 20. Please be sure to reserve your spot in class. 


The first 10 people who sign up will have priority up until the start of class, regardless of whether they arrive after those on the waitlist. Once a class reaches 10 people, the class is closed; those who did not secure their spot either because they did not sign up for class or arrived after the start of class and lost their spot will be asked to come back to a future class or move to another area train by yourself. 


Personal and small group training will continue on as before. We have enough space for those private and small groups to have more than a 3 foot radius. Please reach out to your trainer if you’d like to make other arrangements to train outside or have workouts sent to you at home. 


I imagine by now you have noticed we have begun to clean with a more potent cleaning solution and clean more often and in more detail. However, we need your help with these efforts. Wipe before, wipe after, and wipe everything you plan to touch and have touched. We currently lack access to disposable wipes, so please so use the spray bottles and the reusable towels. Does anyone happen to have some extra hand sanitizer they can donate to the gym? Having even a bottle or two up front would help us tremendously; otherwise, please bring a personal bottle and use it before and after your workout.


Also, if you have any signs or symptoms of the flu, definitely stay home. 


Looking to the future, given we have enough space for 24 people to train in a master bedroom-sized area, another step we may take is to create personal 15x15 foot training zones. In the worst case scenario, we may close for a period of time. We aren't there yet, but the Impact staff is ready to make these moves at any time.


My heart goes out to many of you who could be financially hit by this. I’m sure we will be impacted too, in the short term. I’m confident in the long run this will make us all stronger. 


To that end, I would like to open the flood gates on social media. Feel free to post any and everything. Let people know you are a real estate agent, massage therapist, insurance agent, dog walker etc. Post jobs you have to fill and post that you need a job. Post that you have an at home business selling any and everything, be it oils, make-up, candles... whatever! Post that you need help with someone watching your kids or that you are available to help watch kids. We are all here to support each other! 


Keep Calm and Train on...whether that is at the gym for now or at home while this passes over. 


We are here for you!


The Impact Team

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