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Just Show Up, We Got You! 


If it is easy for you to go to the gym regularly, my story may not apply to you (that being said, please still scroll down to see how to earn prizes for your awesomeness!). For the rest of us, we find it hard to make it in consistently for the long haul. Here is my story.


For most of my 20s going to the gym was tough, it was always something I knew I should do. I would have motivation for a few weeks and then lose motivation for about three months. The cycle of falling in and out of a routine would continue until I found something that I loved, CrossFit, which I discovered in my early 30s. It was like a light switch--I finally became one of those people that looked forward to going to the gym as much as I could. However, once my wife and I started our family and my job got busier, I found myself too tired and with too many commitments to others in the day to indulge myself in a workout.


Now at 42, what has been helping me get back into the excitement of being my fittest self, aside from my two, four and six year olds sleeping through the night, has been to not worry about how I am not as fit as I once was. My mantra has been “just do something," even if it is a workout with less weight, intensity or duration. Some days my workout ends up being nowhere near what I am capable of, but I am always happy to have squeezed it in. Most days, though, I get started and end up doing way more than I had planned. And no matter how the training session goes, my mental health is always improved!


The point is, don’t over think it, just show up! Don’t think about if it is going to be too hard or not. Don’t think about if people are going to judge you, we are all just happy to see you! I promise you will leave happier. And just maybe you will get the excitement of finding or getting back to what you love to do.


We are a gym that wants to see you here consistently as we know this is the key to results. So, we want to reward those that show up day in and day out and incentivize those who want to up their game. We would like to announce our new Committed Club!! The first month’s prize is a new pair of sweet Ski Goggles! Block off your schedules now, we will get started on October 1, 2019.

Committed Club


What is it? The committed club is an attendance challenge that will recognize and reward you for consistently showing up to Impact Fitness each month. Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to your health and fitness goals and a public showing of your consistency. In order to achieve committed club status, you will have to attend at least 20 classes and/or personal training sessions during each calendar month. At the end of each month we will recognize those individuals who have attended at least 20 classes by listing everyone who made it on the website, on the whiteboard at the gym, along with the number of times attended/checked-in next to their name!



Monthly- Each month we will select one Committed Club name, at random, for a gift/prize! Prizes will vary each month.


Every 6 months-  If you make the Committed Club list for 6 consecutive months then you will receive an awesome Committed Club T-shirt!


The Big Prize

If you make the club list for 12 consecutive months you will receive one FREE MONTH of membership and a special dinner with everyone in the club!




How will the visits be tracked?

The visits will be tracked by signing in to Mindbody each day on the ipads in the gym or via the app. Coaches will NOT be responsible for signing you in. Accumulate visits by attending any Impact Fitness class: CrossFit, Yoga, Boxing, Barre, Athlete Interval Training, Kinstretch, Tread and Shred, Strength Training, TRX, or anything new we add to the schedule. Personal Training sessions will also count toward your total. Yes, you can attend more than one session a day. Open gym will not count. 


Will I get a bonus for exceeding 20 visits in a calendar month? Can I use extra visits towards a past or a future month?

No, the focus of the committed club is rewarding you for being consistent each month, so there are no additional rewards for exceeding 20 visits or ways to transfer extra visits to other months. As it relates to the committed club, having 20 visits or 30 visits in a given month are equally as awesome!


What if I’m traveling? 

You can request approval from a coach ahead of time for taking classes while on a trip. You will be required to post a photo on Instagram or Facebook and mention us in the post. 


What if I get hurt or I am sick?

We encourage everyone to explain your injury to your coach to see how the workout can be adapted to your needs or find you a different class that works better for your recovery. We ask athletes who are contagious to stay home--we wouldn't want this competition to hurt your health or impact the well-being of others around you. Instead, see if you can make it up later in the week or try again next month.


What if I forget to sign in?

You are responsible for signing in each day so please remember to do this before every class. If you forget to sign in, your visit will not be counted towards the committed club status, but will still count toward your fitness!


I have questions, where should I direct them? or 

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